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Our Story

In 1956, Bill Lawson started his sheet metal apprenticeship in Brisbane, Australia at only 13 years old. Looking for new adventures and opportunities, Bill came to Canada in 1971. After working at various sheet metal shops, Bill started his own company to serve the booming demand for skylights. The economic recession in the 1990’s hit the custom home industry hard and Bill had to adapt his business strategy to the rapidly changing environment; thus in 1996, Metallica Mfg. was founded. Bill’s expertise and solution-driven approach to projects quickly gained a loyal customer base from various industries. 

In 2006, Dan Lawson followed in his father’s footsteps and began his sheet metal apprenticeship at Metallica Mfg. and later graduated from BCIT with a Red Seal ticket. In 2018, Dan took over the company bringing a new perspective and fresh ideas while maintaining the foundation of quality and innovation that his father built. Not ready to fully transition into retirement, Bill can still be found at the shop most days enjoying a more leisurely position.

"We build smart solutions"

Master of Metal: Metallica vs Metallica

Metallica Mfg. had been operating for many years when they were noticed by Metallica, the band, after trying to register a domain name online. Unfortunately, the band was not flattered by the use of the name by the metal shop and wanted it changed. This led to a 5+ year legal battle and thousands of dollars in legal fees. However, the underdog was victorious in this fight; Metallica Mfg. won the case and successfully trademarked the name in Canada for custom metal fabrication, welding and machining. For more details check out the news article below.

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